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Personnel and Office Policies and Procedures
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Section 6.1 Authorization: All travel, other than that associated with the daily conduct of normal routine, must be authorized in advance by the Executive Director. Out-of-state travel (other than to Kansas City, Missouri), unless otherwise accounted for in the budget, must be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval; however, in those instances when the need for essential out-of-state travel arises prior to the next regular Executive Committee meeting, the Executive Director shall receive verbal approval from the Executive Committee Chairman, or in his absence, from the Vice-Chairman, or Secretary-Treasurer of the Executive Committee.

Section 6.2 Eligible Expenses: Cash advances for anticipated expenses may be issued; or reimbursement of expenses incurred for authorized travel will be made upon presentation of properly prepared and executed travel vouchers for the following items and subject to the following conditions:

1. Tourist (coach or other similar class) fare for railroad or airplane, based upon the shortest practical route. When necessary because of accommodations and schedules, pullman fares on railroads may be approved.

2. Taxicab or auto rental charges.

3. All official telegrams and telephone calls, actual expenses incurred in registration and attendance at official meetings and conferences; and other miscellaneous expenses not specifically listed herein but incurred on official business for the agency, including tips.

4. Expenses for lodging and meals if employee is out overnight on NCRPC business, provided all such expenses do not exceed allowable costs published in the most current Federal Register under the General Services Administration section regarding federal per diem rates. Any amounts over those allowable costs shall be borne by the employee.

5. Expenses for out-of-town travel in employee's personally owned vehicle when authorized by the Executive Director shall be reimbursed to the employee at the accepted rate found in the current Federal Register under General Services Administration rules governing federal travel expense, but not in excess of otherwise approved fare for railroad, pullman, or airplane, based on the shortest practical route.

6. Employees attending evening meetings on behalf of the NCRPC more than fifteen (15) miles from their home and/or office shall be reimbursed up to $7.50 for their supper on the approval of the Executive Director.

7. Before reimbursement can be made, the traveler will be required to submit a travel expense voucher on the prescribed form and furnish all the information thereon, including, but not limited to, receipts for hotel/motel expense and meals.

1. As a matter of policy, reimbursement will be made to the employee from that program responsible for employee travel. If, however, the program places limitations of its own on travel costs, then the program will pay up to those limits, with the NCRPC paying any remaining amount from its General Fund.

Section 6.3 Use of Employee's Automobile: Employees may use their own vehicle for agency business when approved by the Executive Director. Allowance for automobile travel shall be paid in accordance to the policy stated above. All mileage records must be accurately kept on forms provided by the agency and submitted monthly to the Secretary-Bookkeeper.

Section 6.4 Insurance on Employee's Automobile: Any staff member permitted to use his own car for office use must carry adequate insurance.

Section 6.5 Travel Expenses of Applicants: On the recommendation of the Executive Director, the Executive Committee may approve the payment of travel expenses for employment interviews incurred by applicants for regular professional and supervisory positions. Such expenses shall be subject to the same limitations applied to travel expenses described in Section 6.2 of these Personnel Policies and Procedures. The approval of such payment shall include a determination that the expense is reasonable and necessary.

Section 6.6 Moving Expenses of New Employees: The Executive Committee may approve the payment of moving expenses incurred by the Executive Director including immediate family, household goods, and personal effects. The approval of such payment shall include a determination that the expense is reasonable and necessary.

Updated 12/6/11
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