Kansas Capital Multiplier Fund (KCMF)

The NCRPC Business Finance Program has helped customers access financing from a number of specialized programs, including that offered by the Kansas Capital Multiplier Fund (KCMF). This program provides gap financing to for-profit businesses employing 500 or less.

Loan amount available:  9% of private match, not project cost. Minimum loan $25,000. Maximum loan $500,000. $250,000+ requires 2-step approval process.

Interest rate: 

3% fixed for term of 1-5 years

5% fixed for term of 6-10 years

Collateral:  Required; subordinate to bank

Primary eligibility requirements:  Approval of bank loan (private match)

Special features:

Timing – applications accepted monthly with loan decision within 30 days.

Applications required to be submitted by a resource partner, such as NCRPC.

Public disclosure of business receiving assistance is required, i.e. press release, web posting, etc.

Annual report from business required for the life of loan including updated employment, sales, and net income.

20% of private match is available to minority/women/disadvantaged businesses on an unsecured basis.

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