Community Planning & Development

The NCRPC staff is qualified to assist member cities, counties and area non-profits with a variety of planning and development initiatives. Services include but are not limited to general planning, capital improvement planning, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, environmental reviews and assessments, and project planning and administration.

Capital Improvement Planning

Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) act as long term guides that provide a schedule of construction or acquisition of capital improvements and provide a framework for how they will be funded. Cities, counties and non-profit entities all benefit from the capital improvement planning process. Those with a plan in place also have an easier time accessing funding from federal and state sources.

Our step-by-step “recipe” approach will help guide your city, county, or non-profit toward a usable plan that will help chart a five-year plan of action leading to enhanced decision making for improvements. Whether you are developing or updating a CIP—NCRPC staff will provide valuable resources and planning assistance. Click here for a fee schedule, then contact us to get started.

Strategic Doing

Whether looking for an innovative approach to goal setting, problem solving or planning initiatives for your city, county or non-profit—let the NCRPC help move your project forward by serving as a neutral moderator/facilitator for the Strategic Doing process. Strategic Doing is a multi-step process used within a group of people to help focus decision making. It is most commonly used to develop and implement a specific strategy, is most successful when based on collaboration and open networks, focuses on using what you have, and leads to shared, measurable outcomes and a road map to follow throughout the decision making process.

The techniques are simple, but the results are powerful. Click here for more information, then contact us to discuss your needs so we can customize a plan for you and get started. Fees negotiable based on specific projects being addressed.

Meeting Facilitation

Have you found your organization ready to plan for the future or facing a difficult situation and needing an objective outside voice to lead the discussion? Sometimes an experienced facilitator is all it takes to keep the discussion productive and moving forward. The NCRPC staff can play that role. They have experience facilitating sessions for small and medium size groups particularly related to community issues.

Environmental Reviews and Assessments

The NCRPC has expertise to assist communities, financial institutions, housing authorities, attorneys, and utility districts with various types of environmental reviews. Regardless of the nature of the project, we can provide analysis related to project impact on the environment. Staff have completed HUD Region VII Environmental Review Training.

Project Planning and Administration

The NCRPC has a vast knowledge about funding sources available for various community improvements and projects. Let our staff meet with your city, county, or non-profit to identify potential funding sources and determine the best possible mix of funding to complete a project. Our staff can guide you from planning stages, to proposal preparation, to project administration.

Grant funds are frequently a first choice option if available. The NCRPC has successfully prepared grant applications either alone or with partner agencies to the following programs and others:

However, grant funds are not always available. In that case, we can also discuss long-term financing options that might meet cash needs for certain projects. Our staff has experience with KDHE Revolving Loan Funds and USDA Rural Development Financing. If you need to issue bonds and don’t know how to start that process, we can discuss what various types might meet your needs and refer you to bond attorneys and financial consultants who can walk you through the process.

Check out our list of public and private funding opportunities that may be used as a starting point and contact us to discuss how we can assist with your project needs.

Beattie Wastewater Treatment System – New Lagoon Cell

Beattie Wastewater Treatment System – CDBG and Kansas Wastewater Pollution Control Revolving Loan fund

Original Pony Express Home Station No. 1 - Heritage Trust Fund

Original Pony Express Home Station No. 1 – Heritage Trust Fund