Board membership is representative of the socioeconomic conditions found across the region we serve with all member counties having a voice. Individuals composing the NCRPC General Board are the commissioners and the mayors of all member counties and cities. Representation from private enterprise and select special interest groups is also present. Periodically, this body is augmented by committee or task force when such groups are needed to address specific issues.

NCRPC Executive Board of Directors

Tom Claussen – Mitchell County

Vice Chair:
Ron Copple, Cloud County

Emily Benedick – Solomon Valley Economic Development/Mitchell County Community Development

Executive Board Members:
Greg Bender, Ellsworth County
Hannah Bett, Saline County
Craig Chamberlin, Dickinson County
Kelly Gourley, Lincoln County/Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation
Greg Lenkiewicz, City of Salina
Scott Mortimer, Ottawa County
Raleigh Ordoyne, Washington County
Keith Roe, Jewell County
Jenny Russell, Republic County/Republic County Economic Development
Stacie Schmidt, City of Ellsworth/Ellsworth County Economic Development
David Thurlow, Clay County
Jerry Zayas, Marshall County/Marshall County Partnership 4 Growth