Regional Economic Disaster Recovery Coordinator for North Central Kansas

The regional economic disaster recovery coordinator will be hired on a two-year contract starting October 16, 2020 to serve the communities and local governments across the North Central Regional Planning Commission’s 12 County Economic Development District in North Central Kansas. The North Central Regional Planning Commission (NCRPC) is committed to advancing rural Kansas through comprehensive planning and development services. We provide multiple services to our core planning area in North Central Kansas in addition to contracted administration of various programs for state agencies across Kansas.

The position will work with communities to build capacity and assess needs of the region to better plan for and respond to future disasters. The regional economic disaster recovery coordinator will serve as a liaison in identifying potential resiliency, mitigation, and economic recovery projects in the disaster-impacted areas. This is a new, grant-funded position for the North Central Regional Planning Commission. The qualified candidate will ultimately be expected to collaborate with and research other regional economic disaster recovery coordination efforts in order to fully understand their role for the region.

The primary goals for this position over the 2-year contract period will include:
  1. Engage stakeholders from private, public and non-profit entities to develop a Regional Comprehensive Economic Recovery Plan for our 12-County Economic Development District;
  2. Serve as a liaison between local, state, and federal partners in order to serve as a “one stop” resource for residents of North Central Kansas to contact for information, such as funding or state requirements for reopening businesses, as it relates to recovery from COVID-19;
  3. Assist in Updating the NCRPC’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy to include Pandemic Recovery and Resiliency
Additional work elements which will support the primary goals of the position will include but are not be limited to:
  1. Coordinate and help develop economic recovery and resilience plans on a County level with the goal of rebuilding resilient and sustainable communities throughout the organization’s region;
  2. Assist in local, state, and federally led coronavirus recovery planning efforts among the most highly impacted communities;
  3. Help identify economic development grant-eligible projects with state and federal resources for locally impacted communities to ensure these entities take full advantage of available funding opportunities;
  4. Identify key players in disaster recovery and community development and foster private and non-profit partnership opportunities;
  5. Facilitate the implementation of locally generated disaster recovery economic development projects developed as part of the NCRPC’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy;
  6. Collaborate with other Regional Economic Disaster Recovery Coordinators throughout the state;
Qualified candidates will possess the following skills:
  1. Passion for serving rural communities;
  2. Self-motivated, organized and ambitious;
  3. Ability to oversee and organize multiple projects simultaneously;
  4. Strong writing and public speaking skills, experience in grant writing preferred;
  5. Experience and comfort in meeting development and facilitation both in-person and remotely;
  6. Ability to thrive in a team environment and work across a variety of public sectors;
  7. While a background in community planning and/or disaster recovery coordination is not required, one or both is highly preferred.
  1. 3 to 5 years of experience in community planning and/or development, economic development, disaster recovery, emergency management or another related field; or,
  2. A bachelor’s degree in Economic Development, Community Development or Planning, Public Administration, Business Administration or related field.
  3. Experience in grant writing preferred.

Benefits include health insurance, AFLAC, KPERS, holiday, vacation and wellness leave. This position is available on a 2-year contract beginning October 16, 2020. While there is potential for this to become a full-time position with NCRPC, the NCRPC cannot guarantee for continued employment at the end of 2-year contract period. This is a salaried position.

Please submit a cover letter, resume and 3 professional references to:

Attn: Emily Benedick
PO Box 565
Beloit, KS 67420

If you have additional questions about the position, please call 785-738-2218 to speak with Emily Benedick, Executive Director.

Application Deadline: September 22, 2020
Position Start Date: October 16, 2020
Contract End Date: October 14, 2022

Click here for a pdf of this job description