The NCRPC assists member member cities, counties, rural utilities and non-profit organizations evaluate and address their respective needs and access various types of Federal, State, and private grants for project funding. Please visit the following categories for a list of public and private funding opportunities. NCRPC is not directly affiliated with any of these funding programs, so please check the websites for additional information and application instructions.

Tips to Consider when Seeking Funding for a Project

  1. Always check the funding agency’s website or call for current deadlines or requirements.
  2. Don’t forget local resources, community foundations, utilities, etc.
  3. Look for others in the region that have done similar projects and find out how their project was successful and what agencies, if any, provided funding assistance.
  4. If your search of the funding partners contained here does not lead you to a viable funding source(s) or if you would like additional support in locating possible sources of funds or preparing applications, please contact the NCRPC directly for staff assistance.