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Join us for the NCRPC Banquet Thursday, November 6, 2014 in Concordia. Click here for more information and the reservation form.

The August/September 2014 NCRPC Newsletter is now available. Click here for more.

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NCRPC Vision and Mission Statements


The North Central Regional Planning Commission seeks to make North Central Kansas a region of rural opportunity wherein individuals have available the necessary resources and support to pursue and achieve personal dreams in a tranquil setting.

The region must thus become a well-integrated, singular place whose collective interests are served through a sharing and cooperative atmosphere.  Individuals and development organizations must focus their energies and resources on making North Central Kansas itself competitive.  The advantage brought about by such cooperative spirit will make North Central Kansas attractive to individuals and businesses alike seeking a place of secure comfort and rural life-style.   A healthy influx of new ideas and private capital can thus be introduced as people invest their time, talent and wealth in the region.

Furthermore, the North Central Regional Planning Commission seeks to ensure the internal human and physical resources are developed to make such opportunity possible.  This is to be done in an environmentally safe and sustainable way, adding to the region's overall attraction.  The prevailing mindset sought is:

  • Resources are to be shared, not withheld. 
  • Natural attributes of the region are to be protected, not exploited in a detrimental way. 
  • Human need is to be identified and addressed without qualification as to social standing or place of residence.
  • Regional interests are the interests of individual place, for preservation and enhancement of regional assets means local survival is better ensured.

Mission Statement

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Second Annual Entrepreneurial Fair Takes Place

The second annual Jewell County Entrepreneurial Fair took place April 11, 2014 at Rock Hills High School in Mankato. Sixteen Rock Hills High School students with 11 entries competed for nearly $2,000 in cash and a $500 scholarship. The fair was sponsored by Growing Jewell County through Entrepreneurship and Youth Attraction in cooperation with USD 107. Mandy Fincham, NCRPC Community Development Specialist, was one of nine judges to evaluate the entries. Click here for more information.

NCRPC Regional Meetings Flyer

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Updated 10/7/14