Regional Planning Projects

At NCRPC, we believe regional collaboration is an important part of rural development and service delivery. We are involved with a number of collaborative and regional initiatives that have far reaching impact throughout much of Kansas.

Rural Business Development Initiative (Formerly Tax Credits)

The NCRPC and its affiliate, NCKCN, the region’s 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to community development, manage the region’s Rural Business Development Initiative (Formerly Tax Credits), designed to benefit 19 counties in North Central Kansas. The program was made possible by the Kansas Economic Growth Act of 2004, which established a tax credit for rural business development in seven designated economic development regions (Northwest, North Central, Northeast, East Central, Southeast, South Central and Southwest) of the state. The Kansas Department of Commerce launched the program.

North Central Kansas Food Council

The North Central Kansas Food Council is made up of a diverse group of public and private stakeholders in a collaborative effort to advocate for enhanced quality of life for all residents through sustainable access to regionally produced food options, economic opportunity, and educational resources.

Homeland Security Program – Fiscal Agent

The NCRPC is fiscal agent to six Regional Homeland Security Councils in Kansas.

North Central Kansas Public Health Initiative

The NCRPC is engaged in activities that help coordinate and plan regional public health.