The following is a listing of funding opportunities potentially available for projects related to Preservation with focus on programs applicable to North Central Kansas. Click here for helpful tips on seeking project funding.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – Downtown Commercial Rehabilitation Program

Matching grant program (75/25) for commercial building renovation; blight removal; preservation. Project must benefit low-to-moderate income persons (at least 51%) per U.S. Census or official survey process or be blight by legal opinion and governing body declaration. Business plans required and governing body hearing(s) must occur prior to application deadline.

Deadline: Open application period each year.
Source: Kansas Department of Commerce

Heritage Trust Fund Grant Program

Grants for activities that preserve or restore historic properties. Competitive grants are available ranging from $5,000 to $90,000. A minimum 20% match is required. Properties must be listed on the Kansas or National Register of Historic Places.

Deadline: Annually, generally in the fall.
Source: Kansas Historical Society

Historic Economic Asset Lifeline (HEAL)

This program was created in 2021 as a partnership between the Patterson Family Foundation and the Department of Commerce. The grants are intended to bring buildings back into productive use as spaces for new or expanding businesses, childcare, housing, arts and culture, civic engagement, or entrepreneurship. Nonprofit or local government organizations applying on behalf of building owners of underutilized, vacant, or dilapidated downtown buildings or those needing façade improvements are eligible applicants for the HEAL program. Properties must be in cities with a population of less than 50,000.

Deadline: Check website for details. The spring 2023 HEAL round will close March 31.
Source: Kansas Department of Commerce

Kansas Rural Preservation

Grants for the preservation of historic buildings in rural Kansas communities with a population of less than 30,000 according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places individually or as a contributing property in a National Register‐listed historic district or properties determined eligible for listing may benefit from this grant. Competitive grants are available ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. A minimum 10% match is required. The Kansas Rural Preservation grant program is a reimbursement grant.

Deadline: This program is not active currently. The program was funded by a grant from the National Park Service in 2020. The Kansas Historical Society hopes to apply for more funding in coming years. See website for details.
Source: Kansas Historical Society

State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program

State income tax credit equal to 25% of qualifying rehabilitation expenses for historic buildings. Properties must be listed on the Kansas or National Register of Historic Places or be deemed a “contributor” to a historic district.

Deadline: Applications accepted any time; not competitive. Application process must begin prior to start of any rehabilitation work.
Source: Kansas Historical Society

Transportation Alternatives Program

A Federal reimbursement program that provides funding for projects that relate to surface transportation and fall within one of the three eligible project categories 1.) Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities, 2.) Historic, and 3.) Scenic and Environmental. Historic can be rehabilitating historic transportation-related structures such as depots, bridges, and brick streets. Project applications must be submitted by a local governing entity (i.e. city, county, school district, and other political subdivisions). Program intended for projects without traditional funding sources. Projects that routinely receive funding from local sources will receive lower priority. Minimum local match is 20%.

Deadline: Every other year.
Organization: Kansas Department of Transportation