Travel and Tourism

The following is a listing of funding opportunities potentially available for projects related to Travel and Tourism with focus on programs applicable to North Central Kansas. Click here for helpful tips on seeking project funding.

Attraction Development Grants

Reimbursement grant program designed to provide assistance in the development of new tourism attractions or the enhancement of existing attractions within the State of Kansas. Eligible applicants include communities, non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. Applicants must provide 60% of the cost of the project.

Deadline: Annually, generally in the spring.
Organization: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

Kansas PRIDE Community Marketing/Promotion Grant

Grants of up to $1000 grants for promotion of communities through building a website, social media campaigns or apps, videos, radio, fliers, or ads in travel/tourism magazines. Only PRIDE communities in good standing are eligible for consideration for grant funds. Definition of Good Standing: Enrolled, Resolution of Government Support submitted, Quarterly Reports up to date.

Deadline: Twice annually, generally in February and August.
Organization: Kansas PRIDE Program; Community of Action Marketing Grant made possible through a Kansas PRIDE partnership with the Kansas Masons.

Tourism Marketing Grant Program (TMGP)

Program that assists organizations in innovative, dedicated advertising and marketing. The grant will reimburse up to 40 percent of actual marketing expenditures for a single grant project not to exceed a maximum of $3,500. Eligible activities include items such as: Media Placement, Graphic Design and/or Printing of Promotional Materials, Trade Shows, Website Design or Enhancement, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Brochure and Guide Distribution, Marketing for Destination Dining, Shopping and Lodging, Signage, Billboards, Public Relation & Media Activities, Direct Mail Marketing, Video and Photography, and Community Travel Information Centers.

Deadline: Two cycles annually, generally January 1 and August 1
Organization: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism