Loan Packaging

NCRPC provides confidential, one-on-one assistance through every step of obtaining financing for your business. It can help you be successful in making a good first impression and in achieving financing for your business.

Loan packaging services includes:

  • Reviewing the project feasibility to obtain funding to start, expand, or purchase a business at no charge.
  • Discussing potential local/state/federal programs available to fund the project including eligibility requirements
  • Preparing loan applications tailored to meet specific program requirements from the data provided by the client for a fee.
  • Accompanying client to the Lender of your choice and help answer questions.
  • Answering questions posed by the specific funding program(s).

Why You Need NCRPC

NCRPC can help you be successful in making a good first impression and in achieving financing for your business by helping you evaluate the following questions:

  • Do you have enough down payment?
  • Do you have enough operating capital?
  • Are you asking for enough money?
  • Have you established a need for your business?
  • Is the cash flow sufficient to cover taxes/compensation/debt service?
  • What if you don’t have sufficient collateral?
  • Have you adequately addressed management ability?

Primary Financing Sources Available

  • Local Lender
  • Low-interest Revolving Loan Fund Programs
  • U.S. Small Business Administration Programs (SBA)
  • StartUp Kansas Loan Program
  • Kansas Department of Commerce Programs
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Programs (USDA)
  • Economic Development Administration (EDA)

For more information on these programs, click here.

Approval Ratings

We produce results; just ask your local lender. Over the past 25 years our rate of loan approvals has been:

Approval RatingsFinancing Program
99%Revolving Loan Fund Programs
98%SBA 7a Loan Program
85%StartUp Kansas Loan Program (Competitive Ranking)
100%CDBG - Economic Development


Review of loan feasibility and financing options are free.* Upon decision to proceed, a non-refundable deposit is required. An additional fee is charged only if the loan is approved.

*Free assistance underwritten by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Service Area

Business Finance services are available within a 12-county area of North Central Kansas including the counties of Clay, Cloud, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Jewell, Lincoln, Marshall, Mitchell, Ottawa, Republic, Saline, and Washington.

NCRPC Business Finance Service Area


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The North Central Regional Planning Commission can be reached at 785-738-2218.

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