HouseImageQuality housing is an asset to a community and must be maintained and addressed just like any other infrastructure within a community. We have experienced staff available to help member cities and counties evaluate and address their respective housing needs. Housing services include but are not limited to housing project planning, housing rehabilitation administration, nuisance abatement, and a number of inspection services including licensed lead inspections and risk assessments, lead clearance testing, certified asbestos assessments, demolition inspections, and radon testing.

NCRPC also operates a Household Weatherization Assistance Program for residents in 41 Kansas counties and administers a home ownership program.

Housing RehabilitationHousing Rehabilitation and Demolition Program Flyer

The NCRPC provides application preparation, project administration and inspection services for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Rehabilitation Program, which is funded through the Kansas Department of Commerce. The CDBG Housing Rehabilitation program is part of an annual competitive round with an application typically in August. This program provides funding to local governments for homeowner and rental rehabilitation and for demolishing dilapidated residential structures. It is designed to benefit low and moderate income families. All communities applying for a CDBG housing grant must complete the Housing Assessment Tool (HAT). Click here for the HAT form or contact the NCRPC Housing Director.

Click here for a flyer with more information about the CDBG Housing Rehabilitation program.

Housing Inspection Services

NCRPC housing inspectors are licensed or certified to provide a variety of inspection services for governmental entities and private property owners. To learn more about any of the following inspection services NCRPC offers or to request a bid, contact the NCRPC Housing Director.

Housing Quality Standards Inspection
Our certified inspectors determine if a unit meets the Housing Quality Standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Lead Based Paint Inspection
A paint inspection is a surface-by-surface investigation to determine the presence of lead-based paint and reports the results of the investigation.
Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment
A risk assessment determines the existence, nature, severity and location of lead-based paint hazards (including lead hazards in paint, dust and soil) in or on a residential property and reports the findings of the assessment and the options for controlling or abating the hazards that are found.
Lead Clearance Testing
The primary purpose of a clearance examination is to determine whether the clearance area is safe for occupancy or for entry by unprotected workers. Clearance provides the contractor and the owner with an objective determination that the job site was left free of lead-based paint hazards.
Certified Asbestos Material Inspection
In Kansas, the asbestos program is operated by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Bureau of Air. Regulations are in place in Kansas to help protect the public and workers from exposure to asbestos fibers during removal, renovation and demolition of commercial and public buildings. In certain circumstances, residential properties fall under these regulations as well.

As a result, prior to demolition, all commercial, industrial and some residential buildings must be inspected by a qualified asbestos inspector. If in question, contact the KDHE or the NCRPC for guidance on how to proceed.

Demolition Inspection
The NCRPC offers a variety of inspections for demolition based on what is required by local, State or Federal jurisdiction. A demolition inspection may require an asbestos inspection.
Radon Testing
It is recommended that all homeowners test their residences for radon gas concentrations. Our Kansas-Certified Radon Measurement Technician can complete this testing for you.
Weatherization Inspection
A weatherization inspection consists of determining work that is necessary to ensure that homes are weatherized as allowed by program guidelines and that heating appliances are checked for safety and efficiency. These inspections are completed for the Weatherization Assistance Program and are sometimes used in conjunction with CDBG Rehabilitation Projects.

Nuisance Abatement

The Nuisance Abatement Program helps communities deal with “nuisance” properties that are unsafe or not in compliance with ordinances. Common nuisances may include unlicensed, inoperable vehicles; uncontrolled weeds, grass, trees, and brush; buildings with broken windows or doors; outbuildings in disrepair; and garbage and other waste. In addition to these items being an eyesore for a community, many are also a threat to the health and safety of its citizens.

While some larger communities have code enforcement officers, many in the NCRPC region do not. This program gives communities access to this type of service on a contractual basis without the full staffing costs associated with such by using the NCRPC for third party assessment and oversight.

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Intro to Nuisance Abatement

The Intro to Nuisance Abatement Program is designed for smaller communities with flexibility to be customized to meet specific circumstances and budgets. Just as with the full Nuisance Abatement Program, the community must adopt a comprehensive Nuisance Abatement Ordinance. The comprehensive Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, available from NCRPC, applies to all properties including commercial, residential, vacant or occupied. NCRPC staff provide impartial property assessments for the Intro to Nuisance Abatement Program and assist the city with program oversight. To keep costs lower, communities carry out administrative duties of the program.

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Contractor Opportunities

We are currently seeking qualified housing and/or HVAC contractors to bid contract work for our housing programs. Opportunities exist for the Housing Rehabilitation and the Household Weatherization Assistance Programs. For more information, click here.

Household Weatherization Program

The North Central Regional Planning Commission operates a Weatherization Assistance Program that helps reduce energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes, while ensuring their health and safety. The 41 counties in the NCRPC service area include: Barton, Cheyenne, Clay, Cloud, Decatur, Dickinson, Ellis, Ellsworth, Geary, Gove, Graham, Greeley, Jewell, Lane, Lincoln, Logan, Marshall, Mitchell, Ness, Norton, Osborne, Ottawa, Phillips, Pottawatomie, Rawlins, Republic, Riley, Rooks, Rush, Russell, Saline, Scott, Sheridan, Sherman, Smith, Thomas, Trego, Wabaunsee, Wallace, Washington, and Wichita. Funding for this program is provided by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP).

Click here for more information about the Household Weatherization Program and how to apply.