Sense of Purpose Important in Advancing Rural Kansas

This article was published on: 07/23/2019

Viewpoint Column by Doug McKinney, NCRPC Executive Director

NCRPC has been working with jurisdictions in the region related to a proposed unmanned aircraft system corridor of training between Fort Riley and the Smoky Hill Weapons Range. Displays such as the one above were set up in courthouses located in the corridor.

Wow, unemployment is below 4 percent nationally and less than 3 percent in north central Kansas. That is near record lows. The overall number of persons in the workforce is not at record levels, yet productivity remains solid with a reputation in this region for strong, efficient and effective work ethics.

Is it a matter of persons in the workforce having high values and a sense of life purpose? It appears that way. I hope the North Central Regional Planning Commission and its affiliates indicate a sense of solid purpose by following its core mission to advance rural Kansas in service provision.

One recent service has been supporting Fort Riley training of unmanned aircraft systems. NCRPC facilitated forums this month in four counties as part of its land use study for the UAS corridor from Wakefield to Ellsworth. Great input, feedback and general dialogue resulted.

Other facets of the organization are extra active as well with a plethora of housing assistance, community development activities and homeland security trainings. Safe journeys.

This article appeared in the July 2019 NCRPC Newsletter.



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